According to an ancient custom of American Indians, when a young man was kidnapped by the beauty of a girl and wanted to declare his love, he offered her a twig of "Acacia Dealbata" or mimosa. (Stories and Legends of American Indians)

Despite the apparent delicacy, the mimosa is a flower that hides a great strength and vitality, just like being feminine. Today the mimosa is still a symbol of strength, sensitivity, femininity, but above all, from March 8th of the 1946, in Italy has become the symbol par excellence of the "Women's Day".

The "International Women's Day", originally established in the United States within the women's movement for the dignity and rights of women between the nineteenth and twentieth century, every year celebrates the social, ethical and political women commitment, but it remember also the discrimination and violence that they have suffered, renewing the civic engagement for all those women in the world who still suffer conditions of subjection and mortification physical and mental.

Even Galleria360, celebrates the "International Women's Day", through an exhibition entitled "Arte Donna", which aims to promote knowledge of the different artistic feminine expressions and celebrate the binomial Women and Art. As we know, over the centuries there have been few occasions and possibilities of expression for women, imprisoned and forced by the barrier of distrust of a dominant masculine culture. However through art and literature, they found a space for the manifestation of own emotions and feelings.

In fact not a few were the virtuous of the brush as Frida Kahlo, Artemisia Gentileschi, Sofonisba Anguissola, Rosalba Carriera, Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun, so as well as the intrepid of the inkwell: Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, Emily Dickson, Virginia Wolf. So, staying true to this red wire, the Galleria360 with the exhibition "Arte Donna", wants to celebrate, but above all, to give space and voice to women, showing that nowadays the artistic expression is no longer an exclusive man’s prerogative.

"Arte Donna" offers the opportunity to appreciate and compare different artistic addresses and stylistic variations, but not only; it also offers a journey into the deepest sense of the feeling, through the emotional routes of the inner world of each artist.

The exhibition in fact with great delicacy puts a magnifying glass on the female gender, on its kaleidoscopic nature, as well as on its way to relate to the history, both personal and collective. These are important topics, still elusive for most people, including for the same protagonists, namely women, about which exhibitions as "Arte Donna" invite us to reflect.

The inauguration of the exhibition will take place on 6th Friday of March 2015 at 19:00 in via the Prato 11r Florence. During the Vernissage, it will be offered a welcome cocktail while Jazz musicians’ll play live, creating a pleasant combination beetween art and music.

"From the eyes of the women I derive my doctrine: they still shine of the true fire of Prometheus, are the books, the arts, academia, that show, contain and nourish the world." (William Shakespeare)