An artist living and working in Athens, Greece. She received her degree in Fine Arts painting at the University of Hertfordshire in North London.      

Her work, compactly overt and unbreakable, involves a series of “layers” on both literal and figurative levels, flirting with the abstract expressionism. Using techniques known as “dripping” or, in the widest sense of the term, “action painting” often combined with “collage” and under the obvious influence of the American painters Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell, the artist communicates her own psyche with a completely personal writing which, unlike that of Pollock, sends an intense message of optimism.

This is a forceful work that mutates under different lighting levels due to the technical positioning of glitters and various crystals. Mysterious landscapes are alternated with dreamy images and lure us in a metaphysical journey to the country of dream and unconsciousness.

Glades, bloomed plains and running streams are framed by branches and tree trunks while also flaming or snowy landscapes succeed each other in a dialectic way that carries the intensity of artist’s creative forces.

Milly Martionou invites us in a world where the forces are in a continuous creative recycling process. The landscapes depicted in her paintings  are imaginary but  always hold a deeper level of reality which she encourages us  to search out.

Stella Pieri



Milly Martionou _ Cosmic Energy


 « A fight of mixes · the inevitability of paint · Acrylic tubes opened in a workshop - the hand of the soul -  and this vague, but so structured orderliness, vibrates, moves, swirls, in an eerie ataxia. The so called, cosmic energy, the joy of life, breath and light.

 Here, the rules are set · Archetypal energies that lure you in lands made of the texture of a pulse. A footprint that flows meaningful through its genesis and realisation. A dream, a utopia, a different kind of reality - or the same (?)

 You discern somewhere how the coasts spread…A psychedelic overtone of life is roaring.

 In the work of Milly Martionou, lays the freedom of a dynamic expressionist abstraction, which finds its way from the world of the metaphysical. The deposition of colours onto the canvas, subservient in the process of unification, with the colour itself – the building element of visual perception – serving the dualism of impression. On the one hand, the colour is the core and then, the creator, manufacturer of the graph of relief form, volume and space.


Cosmic Energy gives birth to you, breaths you.

And somewhere beyond, when it reunites with you, it leaves you.


Look carefully and live. »



                                                                                                                           Nikolena Kalaitzaki,   

                                                                                                                         Art Historian/Curator



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